Prince Eke Blasts Muma Gee, His Ex Wife Over Interview

“I’ve Been Silent For 10 Years” — Prince Eke Knocks Ex Wife Muma Gee Over Interview

Nollywood actor Prince Eke on Wednesday knocked his estranged wife and singer Muma Gee over her recent interview, Igbere TV reports.

In an Instagram post, the father of three, apparently addressing Muma Gee, said she was painting him black to promote her soon-to-be-released single after a long break.

Prince wrote, “I gave you my hard-earned money to push your career, and you turned around, used my money to pay journalists for interviews and you are taking a swipe on me for publicity stunt?”

He claimed to have lent her money two weeks ago to push her project.

Igbere TV reports that Muma Gee had told The Sun in an interview published on November 1 that her ex-husband ended the marriage suddenly.

She said: “I was so shocked I called it the eighth wonder of the world. I never dreamed or imagined a situation where I, who has been so committed, was being treated so shabbily.

“And the most devastating part of it was to have built a career for years which I put on hold just to kick-start something, and this person wakes up one day and says look ‘I can’t go on with this.’”

Prince had in another Instagram post on Monday said he had moved on and that the singer should do so too.

The duo’s marriage produced three children – a boy and two girls.