Journalist Who Accused Kiki Mordi Of Winning Awards With Her BBC Sex For Grade Documentary Attempts Suicide (Video)

A Nigerian journalist, Oge Ogechi has reportedly attempted to take her own life by drinking a poisonous substance.

Ogechi had accused journalist Kiki Mordi of winning an award with her creative work over the Sex For Grade Documentary. She claimed she came up with the idea and pitched it to BBC and Kiki was then brought in to do the reporting.

She added that Kiki has been receiving all the accolades while she has not been recognised.

In a tweet Oge called out Kiki insinuating that was made the face of the documentary because she used “sex as a bargaining chip”.

She also made a statement about “offering your body to get a favour” while reacting to Kiki’s role in the Sex For Grade documentary.

She later took to Twitter to post a video hinting at committing suicide.

She was crying in the video and wrote in the caption: “Started reading newspapers as a pretend news anchor when I was just a little girl. All I wanted to do with my life was to be the next Christiane Amanpour or Anas Aremeyaw.

“Forgive me some day but it’s better this way.”

Twitter users later revealed that she consumed a poisonous substance and started foaming in the mouth. She is reportedly recovering in the hospital now.