We Don’t Need COVID-19 Vaccine in Africa: Vector

As the world battles with the currently deadly novel coronavirus, widely known as COVID-19, Nigerian rapper, Vector, has come out to say that Africans do not need a vaccine.

He said this in a video posted by Instablog. In the video, the rapper is seen confidently defending his claim that “our food” is a good replacement for the vaccine.

“I’m seeing something about vaccines in Africa. Why the f*#k should we take vaccines? Our food naturally na vaccine,” he said confidently.

“As you de look plant you go see chloroquine. No be dogon yaro abi wetin be in name?”

“I’m not a herbalist specialist, but no be the same Europe underdevelop Africa?” he said as he referred to Walter Rodney’s controversial book “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.”


The new video comes amidst growing concerns about the conspiracy theories surrounding vaccines globally.

Many nations of the world, including Nigeria, are currently arranging for vaccines to be administered even as a new strain of the virus has been discovered in some countries including the U.K.