“What God cannot do Does not exist” — Naira Marley

Controversial Nigerian singer Naira Marley, has hopped on the early morning New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration (NSPDC) prayer slogan “What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist”.

It came as a shock to many seeing that the Marlian president share the quote via Twitter.

Frankly! I’m here thinking; one moment, Naira is holy, the next minute, he is back on the streets.

AMAZING!!! (in Mc Lively’s voice).

Naira Marley who has massive following is being labelled by some, as a menace to the society. Others love his music and are ever ready to hop on his train.

This would not be the first time the singer has worn his holy garment.

Last year, as a Muslim, Naira embarked on the yearly fast. During that period, he asked not to be sent nudes as he wanted to fulfill his religious rites.

We all agree that Naira’s YingYang is intact!