A 100k Monthly Salary In Nigeria Is Better Than A 400k Monthly Salary In USA


A 100K monthly salary earner in Nigeria is better than a 400K monthly salary earner in the United States.

The luxury lifestyles some of us live here with 100K, cannot sustain us a day over there. We can’t try such in US and save a dim.

Some of our annual rent here is weekly/ monthly rent over there. Can you pay over 100K naira monthly house rent with 400K monthly salary here in Nigeria? You can’t do that, but you don’t have a choice over there. You pay or kicked out of the house.

Some of our people over there are becoming wiser now. They don’t mind sleeping on the streets, work for at least 5-10yrs, move back to Nigeria with their savings. You cannot survive with 100M living comfortably a year over there. Tax go finish you up. But you can live large with 100M for 5yrs or more here in Nigeria depends on your lifestyles tho.

You don’t pay unnecessary tax here. But in foreign countries you pay almost everything.
In naija you can own 10 cars..not in the United States because you pay for packing space for each car. You get the point now?

Some of our people in diaspora, once they earn $10K in a month or so, depends on the job, they’d send $9K down to their Nigeria account and keep $1K for their upkeep. Some would buy lands and build houses for rent or some other businesses.
If you don’t do that, you’d work all your life and come back with nothing. Those of you on this method are wise. But becareful of the people you send your money to here. Trust no one! Get a trustworthy lawyer involved.

U can make unnecessary noise or play loud music here. You can’t try such over there and not find yourself in police cell.

So you see….We are privileged here. We only need to get bad political leaders off the way. By getting involved in politics, national, state, LGA and community affairs. That’s how American youth you admire, do.

They don’t just fold hands, wailing and waiting for a miracle. They debate, disagree, challenge, involved and create. You get the point now?